Social Security Q&A

Am I eligible for social security benefits?

If you have an injury or illness or health condition which limits the types of work you can perform, and particularly prevent you from performing your usual occupation, you may be eligible for Social Security disability payments.

Unlike workers compensation which is limited primarily to just the injury that occurred on the job, Social security takes into consideration all the health conditions you suffer from, even degenerative conditions like arthritis, or infections, like hepatitis can combine to qualify an individual for benefits. Consult a qualified lawyer for answers to your questions about social security coverage. Dan Bricmont began representing individuals in social security claims in the last century!!!! ok, it was the 1990s, but the point is, he has lots of experience handling social security claims.

What Social Security benefit should I apply for?

The Social Security Act provides several types of benefits for disabled individuals, the most common are Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or sometimes called Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Both claims utilize the same standard for determining who is disabled but the benefit payment level is different.

SSDI or DIB benefits pay a higher amount of benefits because they take in to account the wage earnings and related withholding taxes the disabled worker contributed to the system during the years before they became disabled.

SSI pays a lower amount of benefits to individuals who are disabled but who may not have worked recently, or ever. These individuals have not paid withholding taxes in to the Social Security system and are paid a lower amount of benefits as a result.

You can apply for both benefits on line or at your local Social Security office, and you will be evaluated for both benefit plans. ( In the event you qualify you will be paid the highest level of benefits your are eligible for. )

Individuals of all ages can apply for Social Security disability benefits, including children and young adults. Keep in mind that establishing a disability under the social security rules does get easier as one gets older! if you or a loved one is approaching age 50 and has a health concern that is limiting the type of work they can perform – a social security claim should be considered. Consult with a qualified lawyer to discuss your claim.

What does it cost to bring a Social Security Claim?

Good news, the Social Security Administration does not charge any thing for processing your claim. The social security administration will request your medical records, also with out cost to you.
You can also consult with Dan Bricmont at no charge – so call for answers to your questions.

If Attorney Bricmont is actually retained to represent you before the Social Security Administration there is NO attorney fee unless you win benefits. Attorney Fees are limited to 25% of the past due benefits awarded and are paid out of those benefits.

What type of health concerns qualify ?

Almost every health condition can contribute to a disability. Musculoskeletal Injuries, like a blown out knee, bad shoulder, back injuries, hand or elbow injuries, are all considered, so to Diabetes, Heart conditions, Hepatitis, Cancer, Liver and Kidney disease, Stomach and digestive problems, head injuries, post concussion syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, parkinsons syndrome, ALS, and other systemic conditions, mental impairments can be disabling as well, depression and anxiety disorders, bi polar disorder, panic attacks and psychosis…. basically any health concern for which the individual has received medical treatment and which limits the ability to perform work activity.

Consult with a qualified attorney like Dan Bricmont to learn more about your options for social security coverage.


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